Tiny Vases

Parian porcelain, ranging from 2 – 4.5cm

Published by helenemccarthy

Helene McCarthy studied art at high school before a chance encounter with the career's class algorithm resulted in a 15 year detour into medicine and histopathology. In 2019, Helene (pronounced Heh-LEN) studied part-time foundation art at Brighton Metropolitan College, gaining a distinction, before progressing to study 3D Design and Craft at Brighton University. During lockdown, Helene continued to experiment with firing ceramic pieces on the beach using a wood-burning camping stove, the family stove and paper bins. Her materials range from paper-mache to garlic to clay. Recently this has focused on parian, a type of porcelain now only used commercially in her home county of Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. She also uses wild clay from the fields surrounding her family's home, part of which is made from the same clay. Helene's work focuses on narrative and its impact on value. She works on miniature scale, utilising fine-detailed skills aquired from years of organ dissection and autopsy practice. Her work has been varyingly described as both 'tasteful' and 'macabre' and often crosses over into both.

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